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Sep 18, 2012 11:00am PDT
. this is the map of san francisco's priority development areas, also on page 59. i won't go into it in too much detail unless you have questions. the framework in 38 million, 3.5 million is planning activities of funds every cycle, congestion management. generally over sight of fubd funded projects, county transportation and regional transportation and lots of thesering activities. next portion we see here, 24.6 million, that minimum we have to spend in the priority development areas. we created the next line down. this school is an eligible project. eligible projects within this program. and we created this target to really identify the school infrastructure projects in the city. there will be another round of funding and another call in winter, january of 2013 where we will be focused on the education outreach portion of this school program. the final piece is remaining balance, funds we can spend outside the area. >> the funds you are articulating in buckets, are those written in stone or asked to approve? >> that is that we are asked to approve. the piece in stone from mtc is 70% in priorit
Sep 19, 2012 1:30am PDT
we just looked at, the priority schedule, released today, will release projects after the board action next week. initial application also be due in october. we are working on getting a little of a previous release out a week early, making sure the application is up and online and projects will begin looking at it and understand what we are looking for. we are doing a two-part call for projects, so the first initial round will be due for approval in early december, what we are calling the initial list of projects. we will be using prop case sales funds or other funds, making early investments in the projects. over the next few months work with the sponsors to increase the public outreach specific those projects, includes doing presentations for the bicycle and pedestrian and advisory committee and looking at the design and cost update funding plans to ensure once we approve as a staff and you as a board and move forward through the federal pipeline, which can be a very complicated deadline driven process, the project also go through as smoothly as possible. we put this under th
Sep 23, 2012 5:00am PDT
is not saying my issue or priority is gay rights. it's about what it is that the urban league to say what's going to happen to the 100 places getting ready to close, me not getting a job? what is our agenda? ♪ [ female announcer almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood, when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight, and more beautiful mornings. ♪ [ female announcer pampers. peaceful nights. playful days. >>> welcome back to "our world with black enterprise." one of the things we have asked about prioritization. there's a million issues we could be talking at once, but at the same time, we have to make some changes about what's the priority. trayvon martin is a priority. voter i.d. is a priority. what happens when we start talking about gay and lesbian rights, how about when we talk about the environment? >> i think that the test of this movement is understanding can we have the longevity of the justice system? will we remain consistent, hot an heavy so even outside of our parameters of the movement of a
Sep 19, 2012 1:00am PDT
priorities will be to overhaul the process, so stay tuned on that front. >> a few additional highlights there are numerous directives under map 21 for the usdot for everything from taking shape of the regional transportation plans to highway pavement quality, the books are still getting through and we will find additional directive and how they will be implemented on the streets. there is also no tiger grant program under map-21. but there is 500 million for projects of national and regional significance. the tiger program was significant funding partner, you know, a program that funded the mission bay infrastructure projects and also the parkway. so we will have to stay tuned as far as how the $500 million will be distributed nationwide over the next two years. general effects on san francisco it could have been much worse. some of the elements of well help us advance our priorities especially tifia and project delivery stream lining that we will see expedited nepa review and also the working to shape the next transportation bill now protecting against cuts to transit and to preserve t
Sep 25, 2012 11:30am PDT
with our overall capital investment priorities and policies as a city. and, so, that's my request, but i will be voting for this item today. >> great, thank you very much, commissioner wiener. request duly noted. and i agree with you completely. is there any other comment from my colleagues? why don't we open it up to public comment. any member of the public who would like to speak on this item, please come forward. >>> good morning again, commissioners. my name is jackie sacks. as you all know i'm a member of the citizens advisory committee. i ted: v the plans and programs committee last week and i fully support it. the many years i've been on the cac, i've been attending -- i've been supportive of the five-year plan and i support this item fully and i hope that you do the same. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. any other member of the public who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. and the house has changed, so, madam clerk if we could take a roll call on this item. >> on item number 10, commissioner avalos? aye. campos aye. david commissioner chiu, ca
Sep 16, 2012 8:00am EDT
with a new chief of staff a top retired airman talks to us about the general's challenges and priorities and how sweden's top company plans to grow in the united states. britain's's pan european disclosed discussing a union to create a 93 billion dollar titan that would be the world's largest aerospace and defense company. deal if approved by global regulators would join europe's leading military and aerospace contractors into a new giant that builds commercial cargo fighter trainer aircraft helicopters and rockets and saturdayel lights missiles and radars and other sophisticated electronics communication systems and security products. the companys proprosed the -- proposed complex ownership ada holding 68% and bae40%. to alie security concerns executives have promised to operate bae's vast operation independently of the new parent. what does the deal mean globally what's next and what will government regulators be focusing on. join us is stev. grundman who analyzes and reviewed defense mergers and acquisition at the pentagon during the clinton administration and he advices defense and a
Sep 23, 2012 3:30am PDT
. but it is your obligation to plan for the long term as well as the short term. the ada has a set of priorities that guide you on how you will be serving your property. the ada says a certain party of getting in the front door, but you are logical, you want your customers to access your services. be that steps, be that ramps, if the door is not wide enough, if the landing is not level enough. priority two is actually travel. once you get into your business and start speculating the wits of your files. access to all of your services. [inaudible] rearranging furniture. that is something we would call readily achievable, if you move your table out of the way to allow a person with a wheelchair access to your space. restroom facilities only come into play after you have already made the entrance accessible and you have trouble accessible. restaurants only have to be accessible if they are available to your customers and clients. and actually does not cover employee access to the restrooms. we have other priorities that come into play. [inaudible] you want that inspected to come out before you get a
Sep 22, 2012 8:30pm PDT
. there is no financing assumed within the prop and simpler plan. the five-year priority plans for each of the three programmatic categories established in the plan will be included as part of the plan for prop a and prop k, the five pps are separate apart from the strategic plan n. addition from the slide the policies criterias were adopted by the authority board. the key piece is programming notification, as maria mentioned. to be really short, the policies are meant to provide guidance on managing the prop aa program for both project sponsors and for the authority. priorityization criteria, the adopted criteria are found as attachment 2 in your packet, on page 90, made of three separate levels. the first is the screening criteria that establishes basic eligibility. the second level, general criteria are applied to all projects. for instance, priority shall be given to projects with clear endeavors, community support and developed out of the community based planning process. that third, category specific, these are criteria specific to each of the categories within the prop aa. an example is that
Sep 19, 2012 2:00am PDT
. >> the one we looked at was through the priorityization criteria specific to that category. we give priority to projects identified the through the walk first effort, or that may be identified as corridors, projects or inter dictions through successor efforts, given what they have given consideration to date. >> i'm looking at this chart. these are total funds we are talking about in terms of fiscal year 2012-2013. part is double a funds. we don't have that much funds that are here. >> the overall available funds, if you add up all three, that is what we anticipate being able to program out in prap aa dollars, including 12-13. if we had enough in 12-13 to -- we do. after understanding our revenues in terms of what was projected in the expenditure and seing from the department of motorvehicles, putting that together, these are funds being able to program out in given years by cash flow. not on the programming side. that is clear. >> so if you have your magnifying classes with you, commissioner, attachment 4, you can see the first year we actually have 12 million in the bank. we have been buil
Sep 23, 2012 4:30pm PDT
there are major transit issues in those districts that are not part of the high priority districts that affect our area. that was my concern. i want to make sure we continue to talk about. >> i think that is right. we do have a lot of resources going to those projects. federal level and other levels, local levels meeting some of the challenge. we do. we are building doyle drive. that is sitting. we know we have to make a link to van ness. i think that is important and city should be responsible for that critical need. >> with lombard, there is nothing allocated. we are working on ways to make that happen. it is a matter of continuing to prioritize in context. >> duly noted. >> with that we have the -- one bay area web site that says we have all the information of -- background and priority development areas, background of the process variable there. we have one bay area e-mail, my contact information if anybody has questions. >> great, thank you. so call for projects. we will -- in between call for projects and submission of projects, which is late october 25th -- >> right. cal
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm PDT
earlier. we got submissions, priorities from all of our partner agencies, all of our agencies that operator provide services [speaker not understood] in san francisco as well as from the public. and a lot of what the public is calling for is that we call programmatic types of investments, traffic calming, pedestrian safety, improved bicycle safety rather than major capital projects although there were requests for those, too. as far as the major capital investments go, san francisco has done a great job establishing our priorities as regional priorities. so, this process has been conducted in parallel with the regional project evaluation process. and mtc, the metropolitan transportation commission, adopted projects performance evaluation findings last year. and san francisco project 5 was the top 10. so, we have our priorities in place at the regional level and now we -- our challenge is to deliver them. i point out, for instance, caltrain. [speaker not understood], a significant achievement being identified at the regional level as a transit expansion priority. we expect to h
Sep 23, 2012 8:00am EDT
aged. the top priority is a resolve a bitter dispute with congress over proposed cuts to the air national guard. lawmakers are blocking $9 billion this cuts from the services proposed budget. general welsh joins us now as the air force association's air and space conference here at the gay lord convention center in maryland, just south of washington, d.c.. thanks for taking time our your schedule to be with us. >> thank you vago. >> and there's very little that you can do to prepare for it in many respects aside from that it's 9.4% pretty much across everything. but there are things that can be cut and there are things that can't be cut. what are the things -- or areas that you're most concerned about in a sequestration environment? >> vago, the biggest concern i have is that the trade space will eventually come down to modernization or readiness. terrible trade space for the military to be operating in. that's the biggest concern. >> are there any particular pieces for example, isr, fighter force, you know if you were going to get more granular, what are some of the specific are
Sep 5, 2012 11:35pm PDT
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Sep 11, 2012 5:00am PDT
, the proposed project does not comply with half of the city's planning code policies, priority number two directs preservation of neighborhood character, it is all too clear that the size, the density, the noise and the other negative impacts of this proposed project are inconsistent with the surrounding community. priority number 3 promotes affordable housing yet we've heard the project sponsor say recently they're looking at making these units condos, not rental units, priority 4 directs the traffic not overburden our streets or our neighborhood parking, the eir notes that the proposed project will require over 30 parking spaces which is about equal to what we have on hill street now, so it's also very clear that the project will indeed overburden our streets in parking. priority 5 addresses historic preservation, the proposed project is located at the fragile edge of the liberty hill historic district, it is surrounded by historic buildings and its presence will reduce our historical prominence by looming over it like a sore thumb, ceqa is a lower standard than the historical preservat
Sep 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
uncomfortable not prioritizing that. mcallister is another priority i would like to see, but that is a newer project. just -- i'm worried. little saigon has been a priority for the community for years and years. i would rather move forward with that and look for funding for other aspects. newer projects through those types of developments. that just some of my initial thinking. i really want eddie ellis to happen. i'm not confident in some of the upcoming events over the coming months. i'm repeating myself there. with the west plan, which is something that came out of the transportation authority study, is that something we are looking to down the road? >> so we are recommending funding for something that was included in that neighborhood transportation plan, mid-block crossings at seventh and eighth, submit bid the authority. we have been in discussion with mta. they have agreed to be the sponsor and internally developing a project and schedule tol -- schedule to deliver and other authorities as well. >> thank you. >> finishing up on ellis and eddie, attachment 3, the authority submitted a
Sep 18, 2012 5:30am EDT
priority. and part of thattstrategy will be more community at policeeheadquarters, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. some maryland animal shelters say pitbulls are difficult to adopt out...pluss they're seeing more of them abandoned... after a recent maryland court rrling called the breed inherently dangerous. dangerous. workers at the maryland s-p-c--, say since the ruling, they've received several phone calls from concerred pet owners... dropped off... left to find new homes. they say the animals are unjustly labled because of the court ruling. (drake) "no, it's absolutely unfair to target any particular breed of dog. it hassmuch more to do with how the dogs are cared for than any bbeed. it has uch more & o do with how the dogs e pared for than any breed. you know, 10 years ago, rottweilers were targeted, before that it was german shepa" shepards." bridget wiley and her two sons say they love the breed... despite the eputation and pit... named "daisy". maryland is the only state in landlords of just one breed nd - ssrictly liable for injurie
Sep 18, 2012 11:30am PDT
sponsors, or in this case dpws, priorities to the extent they fit within the amount available of category over the five years. in pedestrian safety we wanted to see projects that provide clear pedestrian safety benefits. similar to the category i mentioned it was oversubscribed. we mentioned this was draft and sponsors are providing comments on the recommendations. keeping that in mind a couple projects are mid-block project submitted by authority and developed as part of western soma neighborhood transportation. is tmta has indicated it will sponsor and working on a project to schedule this project. the winston drive project, submitted by san francisco state would implement projects along winston connected to construction of new student recreation building across campus on the north side next to the lowel high school. we are working with sfta and san francisco state on the approach. the sfta would like to weigh in. there is a immediatal scheduled to clarify and address the concerns. also we want to verify this is ready to enter design in fiscal year 12-13 and determine which agency shoul
Sep 25, 2012 10:30pm PDT
to the already obtained $500,000 from the [speaker not understood] commission for priority development area planning to a local match of 245,000. we now have essentially a very substantial amount of funding to allow us to take the first steps implementing the comprehensive package for treasure island transportation, which is bus, cycling and parking enhancements that in part is going to be funded by pricing revenues in that area. we're very excited about that and we continue to work with the mayor's office and the authority, with the authority as the transportation manager agency for the island. i expect a report on that at a future meeting. same with the caltrans planning grant. i think the key projects we got funded are the hills neighborhood transportation plan which is going to address the south side of the hills, it will be nicely with existing [speaker not understood] and reconnections efforts. and will kickoff in early 2013. and we also have a $300,000 grant for the geneva harney bus rapid transit analysis, which is again a long-term effort that we've had in that area of town, part o
Sep 4, 2012 8:30pm PDT
to this population and to emphasize it as a priority, to build the collaborations with the department of veterans affairs, with the department of defense, with the national guard bureau, and to keep on collaborating until we get to the point where we can show that every service member who is eligible and who needs service will get it, no matter where it may be. and we want to see that happen in every community at the local level and at every state level. so, our initiative at samhsa is to get states to think about this in a broad way and then translate that into local community providers, action, education, and awareness. and, dr. karlin, the president also has an initiative. you want to talk a little bit about the presidential initiative on issues related to military families? we've been very fortunate because congress has recently enacted legislation that has broadened va's authority to provide mental health and counseling services to family members. this has been a wonderful gift to the agency in so many ways, because now we're able to work directly with family members in a way we haven't been
Sep 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
, in summer i believe there's no higher priority and the nexus between national security and public safety than responsible information sharing. on a personal note today, as would talk about the attacks at fort hood and also reflect on recent events overseas, i just want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. mr. chairman, ranking member, thank you for the opportunity to be you and i look forward to your question. >> thank you, mr. paul. thank you for recognizing the importance of the information sharing, fusion centers. mr. keating, my ranking member, we have both worked with fusion centers. sometimes they are given a bit of a bad name and i think that privacy protection peace is important to preserving integrity of the work they are doing to make sure that privacy is protected. so with that i just to give want to focus back to what this hearing is all about, and that is fort hood. my question medical outside of your expertise, your ability to comment, but again in this case i think you have a huge breakdown in information sharing.
Sep 11, 2012 1:00pm PDT
facility. john martin is truly a partner. he acknowledged his priority regarding excellent equipment, training, and infrastructure. but he sort of downplayed that. he has been, like our mayor, a huge champion of public safety. it is an honor to stand with both of you today, evidenced by this facility, which will add to an already top of the line fire department facility at the airport. what you see here will enhance our ability to respond to water- related emergencies that much quicker. it is cutting edge, just like everything provided by the airport. the san francisco fire department operates three stations here. we are solely responsible for emergency incidents in and around the airport. many of the members of the san francisco fire department assigned to the airport are here today. i thank you for your dedication and professionalism. there are a lot of people think. we are very proud to be standing here today and cutting the ribbon. it will be a facility that we will use often. hopefully primarily for training, but we will be ready and anticipate any water-related emergencies. thi
Sep 12, 2012 3:00am PDT
that it would go through a priority process based on the criteria that are used and it probably depends on the roadway and how fast the traffic travels but i am happy to take that back and get an answer for you. >> thank you. >> any other questions? >> great. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next item. >> for the record we should take public comment. comment. >> okay. >> do we have any public comment on the pw's road repaving? >> seeing none, public comment on item ten is closed. >> item number one. >> discussion and action to authorize the permitting committee to approve the draft response to the civil grand jury report titled where there there's smoke the need to strengthen the art commission's stewardship of the san francisco cultural legacy and to permit the commission's president to authorize the final version of the response. >> i spoke about the grand jury report and that there are two sections of that report that the office needs to provide an official response. and so, we would based the timing of the drafting of that official response with the understanding that we would
Sep 18, 2012 10:00am PDT
. this was a high priority for senator boxer. and i will outline some of the specific selection criteria to focus on credit worthiness, that is the determining factor for the loans and also meet the reform which was a primary concern of representative mika who wanted to remove any impediments to expedited project delivery. he wanted to see it on a large scale complete the environmental review process within four years. >> the federal funding levels under map 21 you can see on the slide, the over all picture isn't very different under safety lieu and map 21 with some inflationary levels of increase on this fiscal year levels. with the exception of tifia, which has gone from $120 million to $1 billion in fiscal year 14. this is a over all, this is a very big victory for transportation as a whole. since there was talk early on in the life of the bills of cutting significantly transportation funding across the country. but there are winners and losers as you will see. and some of the pedestrian oriented funding programs has been cut significantly on a federal level. and also to point out this does no
Sep 20, 2012 1:30pm PDT
to find another job. if i'm appointed to this committee, one of the priorities >> my background and experience, i've been working with wage immigrant workers for more than a decade as a union organizer and most recently as a labor employment attorney. i represent a wide variety of low wage and immigrant workers who are victims of wage theft. i represent individuals in front of administrative bodies, both here in the city and at the state and federal level. i represent individuals in state court and federal court, in both individual and class action. and i work on advocacy with workers, seeking a change -- the rules that amy to them, both at the city and the state level. my priorities to work on the task force are both to bring my experience to bear and what the real challenges that workers are facing in making ends meet and also the knowledge of understanding bunderstanding bun comply with the law and still make a profit and it is unfair for businesses to get away with exploiting workers and cutting their competitors. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you. seeing no questions from
Sep 26, 2012 4:00pm PDT
extensive community out reach and led to the plan that you see on your slide. the main priorities are the highlights or the top priorities of that plan related to the historic preservation which really featured the historic buildings along 20th street. the determination that ship repair and ba systems, shipyard should be a main feature of plans for the long-term development of pier 70, that there should be two major open spaces that we will discuss a bit later. and that there is an opportunity that was hopefully in the vacant lands that are part of pier 70 to develop a major employment center that could compliment the kinds of activities that were happening in dog patch and the case in mission bay. >> as part of the plan, and as the next step of the plan, we began to take the usage that you can see on this map and create subareas that will be the basis of implementation of the plant. so, you can see the ship repair area, is primarily the footprint of the ba systems operation. that 15 acres or so. but it also includes, the large buildings 6 along the eastern edge on the water. the
Sep 7, 2012 11:30am PDT
, but to me, one of the biggest priorities is making sure that we have our police and firefighters and sheriffs' offices and their budgets fully funded so that we can ensure that public safety does not lag during these budget times. again, in district 2, i do not think it is talked about as much. we are fortunate that we do not have a lot of homicides. we do not have a lot of those types of serious crimes. but the crimes that to happen to matter to the people in district two. so as a local supervisor, it is incumbent upon me, and i take it very seriously to pay attention and make sure we engage with the police and fire department said they are aware of exactly what is happening, but again, i have to tell you that i think we are very lucky with the police infrastructure we have an firefighter infrastructure we have and the officers and firefighters we have on the ground. we are very lucky. >> you mentioned that you are a former athlete. talk to me about the role of sports in the city's economic future, from the 49ers to the america's cup. talk to me about sports in san francisco. >>
Sep 1, 2012 10:07am PDT
priority to educate the public about the work of the puc. earlier, we came to you and asked for support to develop a more educational initiatives. as it relates to the sources to improvement program, we will develop a dedicated strategy and partnership with the unified school district where there will be curriculum and programs developed with clear benchmarks and outcomes. kids will achieve these types of educational attainment as it relates to understanding the source system. from a staff perspective, we see young people and children as the next generation of environmental stewards and champions for the system. it is so very important that they understand how the system works and the value of that system. the second part goes beyond children. it will be developing opportunities to educate the larger public. since most of it is underground, we are looking at tangible ways where we can take folks out and show them how the system works. what does it mean when the systems are 100 years old and you have digesters falling in on themselves? the fifth strategy is to utilize community benefit a
Sep 1, 2012 11:07pm PDT
this is a priority to increase the instructional course. i want to thank all the members of the special ed see a sea. >> roll call, please. [roll call vote] >> six ayes. >> ok. thank you very much. ok. i now call the public hearing for the initaial proposal for a successor agreement for the craft unions for locals 718, 377, 66, 40, 42, 104, 38, 1314, 1176. the superintendent or designee. address the proposal. >> and both sides have sunshine of their proposals. our joint craft unions, you heard earlier tonight that we are also in other negotiations with our civil service unions such as laborers and i t. the craft unions to speak to the board about their concerns. i also want to mention we are in the process of arranging a meeting with the superintendent so he can directly hear their concerns. >> of q public speakers on this item. >> can i make my required announcement? for the record, i will be rich using myself because i have a potential conflict of interest because my husband is the member of one of these unions. >> state your name and go ahead. >> good evening, fellow employees. i have been employ
Sep 4, 2012 1:30pm PDT
this deal. while we may not agree with every single thing and the priorities that have been made, there is a tremendous amount of agreement, and it is worth it to move this forward with everybody's participation. i want to thank the board of supervisors for their collaboration and for the excellent work that was left in this budget. if i may invite the board president to come to the podium to say a few words. >> i want to take a moment and thank each and everyone of you for being part of the village of san francisco that has helped to balance this historic budget. i think this year we have had a fundamentally different budget on a couple of different dimensions. first of all, as my colleagues know, we have had a number of years where we have had to balance massive deficits. because of the work we have done together and the work in the private sector, the task of this year was not as difficult. i also want to take a moment talk about the two-year budget and reminisce about the fact that in 2005 when the city comptroller has brought to us the idea of a two-year budgeting, five-year
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 2,806 (some duplicates have been removed)